Thank You Amandla Stenberg for Speaking Up!

Artwork by @SWhittakerREC

Artwork by @SWhittakerREC

We are all entitled to voice our opinions and what tends to stand out the most is when a voice speaks up about important issues in our society. 16 year old Amandla Stenberg has been “trending” not only as a young American actress but an influential voice.


It is inspiring to see such a young person full of talent not have a care in the world about what other’s may think when it comes to addressing racial/social issues. There are many celebrities out there who are in the position to speak up, who are older and are capable of influencing masses but are afraid of losing something. Amandla Stenberg, we thank you for being bold, intelligent and caring to be a voice for people. You will continue to shine and grow into a wonderful woman who holds a leadership spirit. This is what stems from people who know who they are and where they come from. Hopefully, what you contribute will spread and inspire many to speak up for what is right regardless of where you come from.

R.E.C. Staff

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