The Rise Of An “Empire”

"Taraji!" Painted By S. Whittaker w/ Robyn Willard

Painted by S. Whittaker, Acrylic on Canvas 1.28.15

“The Rise Of An “Empire”

The new show “Empire” starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard has everyone watching since it premiered on prime-time television on January 7th, 2015. Empire, shot right out the gate with everything deemed controversial but one character that steals the show is Cookie Lyon, played by Taraji. Cookie, mirrors the Aunt you don’t always invite to your functions but you call to FINISH an altercation. If you take drama, action, music and even a little comedy and throw it in the pot, you’ve got Empire.

Is it safe to say, our Wednesday nights are just as excited as our Thursday’s! :-)


Dark Girls + Light Girls = Beautiful!


Last night OWN premiered “Light Girls” which showcased the burning issue about skin color as far as Light Skin verses Dark Skin in the Black community. Topics such as gaining acceptance as a lighter skin black girl, “proving your blackness” and how challenging it could be in society were discussed.

Overall, this is a problem in our world that deserves to be paid attention too and talked about. Healing is definitely needed. Dark Girls + Light Girls = Beautiful and we are all one.

What are your thoughts about this topic?

R.E.C. Staff


Dr. Martin Luther King Painting by S. Whittaker w/ CEO Robyn WillardToday we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. The moment that is set to honor such a marvelous heart and bold individual is indeed held as a respectful day and very inspiring but sad at the same time. 47 years later and some of us are still fighting for justice and equality + better treatment. We are still suffering the loss of many innocent African Americans/People of color who didn’t have a chance to a fare trial. At R.E.C. we believe that all lives matter and we hope that a day will come where we treat others the way that we’d like to be treated. Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for setting a visual of how one could stand for something, how one can dream, how we all should live in unity, love and peace.

R.E.C. Staff

R.E.C. Debuts S. Whittaker “Time Signature” 3D Art Exhibit!

7721630163ef0f38de8e55fdfb66609cIt’s been 2 weeks already since Reign Entertainment Co. premiered 3D Art by S. Whittaker and her exhibit “Time Signature.”

The VIP launch reception was held at one of New York Cities elite locations – Top Of The Garden, on May 10th 2013. Art lovers, socialites and prominent media figures were all in attendance to view the oil & acrylic based portraits on wooden canvases, featuring famous entertainers from the past, present and future, from Run DMC to Amy Winehouse, the Beastie Boys, and Marvin Gaye.

As guest entered the top floor loft, you were immediately greeted by a huge glasses display for each attendee to reach in and grab a pair of 3D specs to view the S. Whittaker 3D artwork.

3d glassesCurated by Reign Entertainment Co. CEO Robyn Willard, the paintings not only aligned the walls but also hung from custom-made wood mannequins adding contrast and character to the open floor plan.

NY: S. Whittaker "Time Signature" Exhibition

With the Skyline of the city as the backdrop as guest dined on hors d’oeuvres and sipped wine, it was still clearly evident the main attraction was S. Whittaker and her beautifully vibrant paintings. S. Whittaker conducted interviews and took pictures the majority of the night and when asked how she felt about the premier of her artwork she replied, “ I feel so blessed to see my dreams come true. I am so loving this moment.”

CEO Robyn's Silhouette and R.E.C.'s LOGO! SO BIG!To cap off the night, lights of Reign Entertainment Co. projected off the side of the building as the “Time Signature” event came to a close and S. Whittaker received acclaim from guest.

Stay tuned and visit to learn more about R.E.C.’s future events.

For more information about S. Whittaker, check out her website.

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