@SWhittakerREC instagram art show recap

S. Whittaker R.E.C. paintings

The first instagram art show is spreading more and more each day that it premieres. These are some of the pieces which have already been showcased and there’s more to come. R.E.C. has “trendsetting” on point. To display artwork on instagram is a has been but to promote and display as an art show is ingenious. Although anyone can post art or has posted artwork throughout their instagram page, it has not be promoted with this vibe and that is as an art show and it’s called “WOMAN”. Woman is dedicated to women who have paved the way in all facets of the arts.

Fans have written about the artist, how they look forward to each day for viewing what S. Whittaker is coming with next. This is history. This is different and although many will premiere their work this way, Reign Entertainment Co. Was the first to ever do it! Spread the news!!! You girls rock! CEO Ms. Robyn Willard and painter Stephanie Whittaker @swhittakerrec. #WOMAN

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