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Raven Symone… What the Hell?!? (As Whoopi would say)

Raven Symone has diarrhea of the mouth again and this time it’s obvious that she has some real self hate issues. On one of last weeks episodes of the View, Raven stated she would never hire any one with the name “Watermelondrea” endorsing the racial bias that black people still deal with in today’s workforce. Though the backlash that Raven received from her remarks were warranted, there appears to be a deeper physiological problem that she needs to address within herself. Could the reason for Raven’s disdain against her own people stem from how she feels about herself? How can we expect someone to use their global platform to enlighten and promote the beauty of their culture if they are ashamed of it? Does the black community fuel Raven’s hatred by stating derogatory comments on her physical appearance and sexual preference? Or lastly, is Raven just a poor little misguided pawn in the world of propaganda? Who knows? (Well maybe we do know) but in closing, rather than condemn Raven for her senseless remarks, let’s teach the foolish so the stupid won’t spread. #SaveRaven


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