Custom Maat Shirt Designed by Robyn & S. Whittaker R.E.C.

Great Sunday! Our custom Maat shirt was definitely the star of our pop up shop. only available @ designed by @robynrec and @swhittakerrec


Black History All Year; The Perfect Gift!

Our 2017 Reign Entertainment Co. Black History Calendar makes the perfect stocking stuffer and Kwanzaa gift for the holiday season. Choose from 2 different calendar covers, over 300 history facts and 80 new animated characters. This is the HOT item everyone is talking about!
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We hope you have a wonderful prosperous 2017.

Be Great 365!

R.E.C. HIGHLIGHT of the 2016 #BBMAs

#Rihanna Smashes the #BBMAs last night!

#Rihanna Smashes the #BBMAs last night!

BBMAs R.E.C. Recap.

Rihanna delivers an incredible performance on last nights Bill Board Music Awards! Rihanna sung her song “Love On The Brain” from her ANTI (Deluxe) Album and let’s just say, Rihanna sung her face off! Her style, appearance and sound, left us with an old school rustic feel we’ve been missing!

Some of the other notable highlights of the night were Celine Dione, with her emotional acceptance speech with her eldest son Rene. A tearful Celine Dion asked her teenage son Rene-Charles if he could simply stand next to her. Celine left us all teary-eyed and we pray that Celine Dion continues to gain strength during this hard moment in her life.

Here’s a cut from Rihanna’s performance!


And as far as the Madonna tribute to Prince…



“WOMAN” ART LINE Curated by Robyn Willard ft. her Artist S. Whittaker RE-CAP


robynandstephLast year on April, 28th 2014, C.E.O. Robyn Willard debuted the 1st ever #Instagram art exhibit. Robyn and her Artist S. Whittaker wanted to showcase women who have paved the way in the past and present in a positive light. Some of the women who were painted are, Phylicia Rashad, Mary J. Blige, Frida Kahlo, The singing group TLC, Nina Simone and more. Both young ladies collaborated heavily on this art exhibit. Artist S. Whittaker painted each piece which was strategically picked by the two young women. Robyn contributed audio and content for each piece. This art exhibit created an unexpected buzz, gaining over 30,000 followers on Instagram for Robyn’s artist S. Whittaker (@SWhittakerREC).

Artist S. Whittaker painted over 30 pieces. Each piece is available on apparel designed by Robyn + Steph. Hand painted apparel or chucks are also available. Customers are able to order custom hand painted apparel. As you can see in the picture above, 1 of our supporters is rocking a #TBOZ Tee.

“The Dopeness” and we keep going!

To view and purchase Art pieces or Art on Apparel, visit:

To view the Instagram Art Exhibit, visit @SWhittakerREC and C.E.O.|Curator|Creative Director Robyn Willard


Here are a few pieces that were featured in the “WOMAN” art exhibit.


R.E.C. Staff

Aaliyah will always be loved & never forgotten by her fans!

All respect to Aaliyah always! Baby girl will forever receive love from her fans! We love Aaliyah. She is a huge inspiration to all of us and especially to Artist S. Whittaker and C.E.O./Curator Robyn Willard. Here is a recent custom painting of Aaliyah by S. Whittaker for one of our customers. We also have the Aaliyah piece from the “Woman” Art line available for sale. S.I.P. “Baby Girl” – Aaliyah.

Our supporters love some #Aaliyah and so do we. #BabyGirl Handpainted by moi! @robynrec & @SWhittakerREC

A photo posted by S. Whittaker R.E.C #ARTIST (@swhittakerrec) on

Holiday Aaliyah


R.E.C. Staff

Missy Elliot Art Piece by R.E.C. Artist S. Whittaker

So Robyn and S. Whittaker been bust’n a jugg to the new Missy Elliot song #wtf, then Steph decided to paint Missy Elliot and create a REC CREW Missy Animation Character! Wallah! Oh and the piece was put on Twitter and Missy retweets. #WhenArtistGetInspired

R.E.C. Staff


all the rec crew girls sweater


Robyn and Steph have been working on a new Art line featuring fresh animated characters created by R.E.C. Artist/Animator S. Whittaker.  The two young women have designed and recently launched R.E.C. Crew gear! Check out some of their dopest designs on their website!

Visit R.E.C. website to shop unique Art apparel for the Holidays! #REC_Crew



new piece

Raven Symone… What the Hell?!? (As Whoopi would say)

Raven Symone has diarrhea of the mouth again and this time it’s obvious that she has some real self hate issues. On one of last weeks episodes of the View, Raven stated she would never hire any one with the name “Watermelondrea” endorsing the racial bias that black people still deal with in today’s workforce. Though the backlash that Raven received from her remarks were warranted, there appears to be a deeper physiological problem that she needs to address within herself. Could the reason for Raven’s disdain against her own people stem from how she feels about herself? How can we expect someone to use their global platform to enlighten and promote the beauty of their culture if they are ashamed of it? Does the black community fuel Raven’s hatred by stating derogatory comments on her physical appearance and sexual preference? Or lastly, is Raven just a poor little misguided pawn in the world of propaganda? Who knows? (Well maybe we do know) but in closing, rather than condemn Raven for her senseless remarks, let’s teach the foolish so the stupid won’t spread. #SaveRaven


New R.E.C. Kids Clothing Launch: Animated Press Release

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.42.47 PM

Reign Entertainment Co.® announced The Launch of THE New R.E.C Kids clothing line.

R.E.C. Founder and Creative Director, Robyn Willard and R.E.C. Artist, S. Whittaker will collaborate on the clothing line, drawing inspiration from the 1980’s and 90’s cross color era.

The clothing line will feature custom animated characters, created by celebrity painter/animator S. Whittaker and each article of clothing will come with a coloring book of the artwork for kids to add their own unique designing touches. The impeccably styled t-shirts, jackets, coats and pants will include sizes from infant to young adults and will be a definite must have this school season. – Private viewing was held at this years NYFW with all viewers being under the age of 17 years old and the room was buzzing. The R.E.C. Kids Collection is available online right now @

“When you have the vision LIKE ROBYN and creativity like STEPH, greatness is to be expected”!

About Reign Entertainment Co. (R.E.C.): Reign Entertainment Co. is a full-access gateway entertainment and marketing company synonymous with the production and promotion of boundary pushing art. REC was founded in 2006 by Robyn Willard; who remains the CEO and Creative Director of the company. REC promotes cutting edge artistic excellence through music, film, and art production; music publishing; artist management; strategic branding; cross promotion; and graphic design. For more Information on Reign Entertainment Co., visit:,… on Facebook or follow @rec_team on Twitter.