Custom Sneakers Hand Painted by Artist @SWhittakerREC


“Dream Girl” was piece number 5 at the “WOMAN” art exhibit curated by Robyn Willard, featuring Artist S. Whittaker R.E.C.

“Woman” is the 1st ever instagram art exhibit which dropped on April 28th, 2014 – May 23rd, 2014 but was extended due to popular demand. C.E.O./Curator Robyn Willard and Artist S. Whittaker R.E.C. wanted to showcase art in a unique way that would reach a wide range of viewers. They wanted to pay homage to women who have paved the way in the past and present. Over 33 women were painted. Some of the Women displayed were, Maya Angelou, Grace Jones, Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige.

“Dream Girl” was also the 1st painting sold before the Woman art exhibit premiered. It’s our number one seller. Supporters are able to purchase paintings and art hand painted/printed on apparel @ To check out the Woman art exhibit please visit It’s free, educational and entertaining. Also, make sure that you follow these two talented young women so that you won’t miss out on their next art exhibit and other events. | | Twitter: @RobynREC & @SWhittakerREC

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Dream Girl 5

R.E.C. Staff

R.E.C.’s @SWhittakerREC Painting Live at Harlem Hospital Center Event!


To add live art at any event can be one of the most suiting, relaxing, refreshing way to entertain guests. S. Whittaker and Robyn Willard were apart of a charity event at Harlem Hospital Center. Check out the artist painting live! To inquire about having S. Whittaker join your next event, email @!

R.E.C. Staff

Le Petite – New York Fashion Week with a Twist!



As 2015 NYFW hits full swing, we couldn’t help to highlight one particular runway fashion show stealing all the attention. It is none other than the 2015 Dwarf Fashion Show. The D.F.S., premiered some extraordinary outfits, from sequin dresses to an entire ensemble made up of $100.00 bills. Dwarf fashion models walked the runway to Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown funk, while camera’s flashed creations designed by Creative Business House. The invite only event was covered by mainstream media to give the opportunity to little people to express themselves by bringing an innovative perspective to the fashion industry. The 2015 Dwarf Fashion Show was undeniably, way more high fashion than Kanye’s latest collection and definitely more entertaining.   R.E.C. Staff

The Rise Of An “Empire”

"Taraji!" Painted By S. Whittaker w/ Robyn Willard

Painted by S. Whittaker, Acrylic on Canvas 1.28.15

“The Rise Of An “Empire”

The new show “Empire” starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard has everyone watching since it premiered on prime-time television on January 7th, 2015. Empire, shot right out the gate with everything deemed controversial but one character that steals the show is Cookie Lyon, played by Taraji. Cookie, mirrors the Aunt you don’t always invite to your functions but you call to FINISH an altercation. If you take drama, action, music and even a little comedy and throw it in the pot, you’ve got Empire.

Is it safe to say, our Wednesday nights are just as excited as our Thursday’s! :-)


Hand Painted Chucks By Artist S. Whittaker


Recent update on the Artist “S. Whittaker”. Ever since the “Woman” Art line has premiered on the 1st instagram art exhibit curated by the Vision Queen Robyn Willard, it has been a huge success and these girls have decided to take art to the next level on incorporating the pieces on Converse sneakers via hand painted by S. Whittaker. The sneakers are selling fast! From New York to Texas and U.K.! Here are a few pictures showcasing the new hand painted #Chucks by S. Whittaker that has been buzzing this year! #GETU1 visit: to buy you a pair or pairs!

S. Whittaker R.E.C. being featured at the “MODA 360″ Fashion event honoring Audrey Smaltz


blog pic1 blog pic

MODA 360 “A Complete Fashion Revolution” Opening night took place in New York City. This event showcased amazing talent from fashion industry clothing designers and also featuring S. Whittaker R.E.C. and her “WOMAN” line from the 1st instagram art show curated by Robyn Willard. S. Whittaker presented her unique portrait of the well respected and inspirational Fashion Industry Icon Audrey Smaltz. #Google Her ;-)
S. Whittaker/Reign Entertainment Co. CEO Robyn Willard were in such honor to be a part of this wonderful event and have been able to present the piece to her.

Ratchet Chick Alert: Nicki Minaj TRIES 2 COME 4 Mariah Carey!!!!!

So, while the American Idol auditions are taping, Nicki Minaj seems to have a “Baby Diva” moment on Mariah Carey – The “Mega Diva” and tries to come for her. In the video, Nicki goes on one of her “Krusty the Clown” rants claiming “people got her f*cked up” and demands some immediate respect. As expected, Mariah responds to little Nicki in a classy manner of course, latter tweeting: “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”.

I feel your pain Mariah. Why did they let this circus clown out the cage. SMDH!

For this Nicki, you get the Ratchet Chick Of The Day Award.