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Reign Entertainment Co. is a full-access gateway entertainment and marketing company synonymous with the production and promotion of boundary pushing art. Robyn Willard founded REC in 2006 based on the belief that "Artists should be able to create an experience, build a connection with their audience and always be innovative." REC promotes cutting edge artistic excellence through music, film, and art production; music publishing; artist management; national sponsorships; strategic branding; cross promotion; and graphic design. REC nurtures individuality and is disinterested in promoting carbon copied artists. The artists we discover, develop, and promote are expected to champion creativity and uphold their artistic voice and integrity. Reign Entertainment Co. houses premier songwriters, visual artists, producers, engineers, photographers, DJ's, and models for creative collaborations. REC is the parent company of World Wide Reign, a full service merchandising company specializing in touring, sponsorships, brand advocacy, merchandise and much more. In addition, the World Wide Reign Graphics division provides all graphics and advertising needs. REC respects the culture of art and believes, "Life is art...so it should never be hard for an artist to create."

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Great Saturday!!! So quick question??? Why is crime & murder so uncontrollable in black neighborhoods but when the community gets gentrified we put cops on every corner to keep “everyone” safe? Oh and another question??? Why don’t the cops in black neighborhoods look like us? Oh and 1 last question? Who are they protecting? Last question I promise… what’s with the “roach lights” on every corner? Just asking ‍♀️- Rob …. Hand painted Micheal Jackson Denim Jacket with crystals by Rob & Steph “Custom Queens” www.ReignEntertainmentCo.com #2sister #harlem#gentrification#michealjackson#blackcommunity#blackmen
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